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/ Flush Laminate Door

Flush Laminate Door

From ₦


  • Design: Wood Panel

  • Frame Material: Solid Wood

  • Glass Type: Clear

  • Weight Capacity: 160 lb.

  • Assembly Required: Yes

  • Product Warranty: 5 Years

  • Door Finish Preparation: Primed


This remarkable pre-assembled, pre-hung entry door is proudly made in Nigeria. The door is made of solid 4.75” tongue-and-groove mahogany planks aluminium frame, which prevents warping over time

Using mild soap and water, wash and rinse the door and trim as necessary. Household cleaners containing chemicals are not recommended as damage can result and shorten the usefulness of the finish. When cleaning glass, apply a cleaner specifically for glass to a soft cloth rather than directly spraying to avoid overspray on the door surface.

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